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are so desperate to find water they're hiring water witches, who use divining rod to find not ral energy in the ground. this is mark mondovi of the wine making family using divining rods. scientists don't believe these methods work, but many homeowners, and wine makers do believe. >>> sharon awaand was killed in a crash near the 51 st on ramp as chp was trying to get to the victim's broken down car. awand was killed in a rear end collision. the rain that morning had a role in that terrible collision. >>> new antismoking legislation could restrict the use of e-cigs in san francisco. we spoke with smoker whond themk they're just a lot of hot hair. >> reporter: strict smoking laws mean smoking is relegated to outside. more and more smoke ares are wanting to smoke inside -- smokers are wanting to smoke inside. >> i worry more about cigarette smoke. >> three sf supervisors are more concerned. in the same places people smoke regular cigarettes, is trying to get the okay. >> sergio says there's no occasion for e cigarettes. >> i work in an office where someone smokes e cigarettes and there's a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1